It is important for all Imagine 360 clients to understand and accept these terms before contracting any service. By using Imagine 360 services, it is considered that the client has fully read, understood, and accepted the following terms and conditions:

1. Scope of Terms and Conditions:
These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the entire website, as well as any of its subdomains and related domains, along with the products and services purchased or used on the site and/or derived from it.

2. IMAGINE360, our service includes updating, monitoring, managing, and advising.

3. Business Hours: We commit to addressing all your inquiries during business hours of the respective country from 10 AM to 4 PM within a maximum period of 24 hours via WhatsApp, email, or Telegram.
The contents of this site are protected by their respective copyright and trademark.

4. We safeguard all data and information provided by the brand, and we also commit to delegate the generated and managed accounts once the service is completed.

5. Service cancellations must be notified with a minimum of 20 days in advance, without exception. This is because we work planning tasks a month in advance to guarantee the best results. Otherwise, a final invoice will be created with the proportion of work done up to that moment.

6. Payment Methods: Monthly payments are made from the 1st to the 8th of each current month, via bank transfer, deposit, or online payment via Services or products that are NOT monthly are paid as follows: 50% in advance and 50% upon completion of the requested work.
The price of the services provided is defined in the budget that the client receives by email. Budgets issued by the company are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise indicated. After that period, the company reserves the right to alter the budget for the same services.

7. Payment Default: In case a payment is not made within 5 days after the due date without prior notice from the client, the company reserves the right to close, pause, cancel accounts, and/or advertising activities related to the contracted service. Subsequently, an automatic reactivation charge equivalent to 10% of its value will be applied. This charge will be applied without exception. Service reactivation is subject to the company’s availability and will only be carried out after the pending payment has been made along with the reactivation charge. This last procedure does not apply in cases where the client has notified the company of the payment situation before the agreed-upon due date.

8. The company reserves the right to modify the payment and service reactivation terms and conditions at any time, with prior notification to the affected clients.

9. Online marketing actions require a maturation time. Although an increase in business activity may be noticed from the first month, the most significant increases will be seen after approximately 3 months. Digital marketing, like any advertising, requires ongoing analysis; that is, results are analyzed for optimization at each stage. Each sector has its time and its respective individual audience analysis, so we do not guarantee instant growth of your brand.

10. Service Contracting: All communication with the client will be through WhatsApp or the email address declared at the time of registration. The client declares to be the legally responsible person for the acquired service and must be over 18 years old to access the services.
In the case of advertisements in SEM campaigns, the client will provide the company with their credit card number so that Google, Facebook, or the supplying companies can directly charge the cost of the ads to their account.

11. FOR OPTIMAL OPERATION, WE REQUEST THAT YOU COMMIT TO: Providing timely information, files, and/or necessary elements electronically or in person for the realization of DIGITAL MARKETING activities. Providing such information belatedly or not providing it may result in delays in the timelines or objectives of DIGITAL MARKETING, for which we cannot be held responsible.

12. Lack of Feedback: If during the project development, the client incurs in continuous delays of more than one week in delivering missing content or reviewing changes, the company reserves the right to impose a surcharge of 5% to the final project price for each week of delay. If the client continues to incur delays, the company reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the project, deliver it in a file in its current state, and invoice the client for all work done up to that date. Ultimately, the client must ensure that at the time of starting their web project, they are prepared to provide everything the company needs to efficiently provide its services or, otherwise, refrain from committing to the company until they are ready.

13. Excessive Feedback: The client acknowledges that Imagine360 has various projects in progress and therefore cannot provide continuous feedback, beyond the specific needs that may arise during the project. On the other hand, the client accepts that, to be competitive in prices and quality, the company cannot hold in-person meetings unless the budget includes meetings or agrees otherwise with the client. The company prioritizes email communication with the client. If the client requires any additional meeting halfway through the project, the company reserves the right to expand the budget to include the time spent in the meeting or change it to a Skype or similar call, which would also be included in the final budget if it is not possible to attend due to scheduling issues.

14. Facebook and Instagram: It is noted that for the correct administration of the Facebook and Instagram Business Suit for companies (platform that allows us to manage commercial accounts), it is essential to have:

A REAL Facebook profile account that can be accessed at the beginning of activities to generate all necessary accounts. (If not available, one will be created by providing a real identification document of the person who forms the company or who has it registered in their name). This account must add us as full administrators to the email accounts we provide.
Payments to the platform must be made with a credit card (it is not necessary for it to be in the name of the same person mentioned in the previous point). If PrePaid is required (pagofacil, rapipago, etc. *only available in some countries), verification of the business with official documents proving the registration of the company as such is necessary (you can see here the documents accepted by Facebook

Responsible Use and Restrictions: Imagine 360 prohibits any spam activity or any other action that restricts, bothers, or hinders the proper use of the Internet by other users. Likewise, the publication of material that violates local, regional, national, or international laws is strictly prohibited, including, among others, warez content, serial numbers, illegal, abusive, defamatory, obscene, racist, offensive, pornographic (understood as scenes of Explicit Sex), or any other content that may compromise the security, privacy, or integrity of systems, companies, or individuals.

Hosting and Supported Services: Imagine 360 offers various hosting services, including VPS and Dedicated servers, which allow hosting different types of applications and websites. Clients may host websites of official or governmental organizations, multimedia streaming servers, game servers, chat servers, mail servers, database servers, file/backup servers, advertising servers, adult content sites compliant with the law, SaaS applications processing data or files for third parties, hosting services provision, provision of POP3 mailboxes for the public, forums/communities with high traffic, among others. It is the client’s responsibility to request a suitable hosting plan for their needs and upgrade to higher plans in case of significant resource consumption growth.

POP3 Mailboxes: Imagine 360 will provide POP3 mailboxes for the exclusive use of the client. Access to mailboxes for the general public will not be allowed from plans other than VPS or Dedicated Servers.

Security Responsibility: The client will be solely responsible for the security of their passwords and the content protected by them. We recommend using secure passwords and storing them safely. Imagine 360 will investigate any unauthorized access or breach of information and take necessary measures to safeguard the client’s security.

Third-Party Content Responsibility: If the client sells or resells advertising space to third parties, they will be responsible for the use, content, and actions of those third parties. The client must ensure that these do not affect the integrity of their sites, resources, users, or violate the conditions of this regulation.

Scheduled Tasks (Cronjobs): For the use of scheduled tasks (cronjobs) on shared hosting plans, a minimum execution frequency of 5 minutes will be allowed.

Resource Consumption: In case a site hosted on shared plans performs a high consumption of server resources permanently and sustainably, the client must optimize their website to adapt it to traffic peaks or upgrade their account to a higher plan or a dedicated server. If deficiencies are not corrected or upgrades are not performed, Imagine 360 reserves the right to take measures such as preventive suspension of the service.

Terms Violation: Any violation of these terms, directly or indirectly affecting Imagine 360 or its providers, may result in measures ranging from temporary suspension to definitive termination of the service or involved domains.

Costs and Technical Details: The costs of the services and the technical details of the offered plans are specified on the Imagine 360 website. These may be modified, and in case of significant changes, the client will be notified in advance. If the client does not expressly reject the changes, it will be understood that they accept the new rates and/or conditions published.

Payment Handling, Arrears, and Service Termination: Service charges are in advance for quarterly, semi-annual, or annual cycles, as appropriate. The client must provide truthful information when making a payment, indicating the details thereof. Money transfer costs are borne by the client. Services will be activated within 24 hours of receiving the payment. The client may add funds to their account or renew services in advance if desired. The client is responsible for keeping payments for contracted services up to date.

Service Termination: The client may terminate the service at any time, by notifying in writing at least 20 days before the expiration date of the current period. After this date, payment will be claimed for the next corresponding period.

Refunds and Cancellation Due to Non-Payment: No money refunds are made. If the service is canceled due to non-payment, the client must pay the amounts owed, or necessary measures will be taken under the laws of the country in question.

Technical Support and Customer Service: Technical support will be provided exclusively to the account holder. Any support request from unauthorized third parties will be ignored. The client is responsible for keeping installed software updated and with the corresponding security patches. Imagine 360 is not responsible for losses or damages caused by software installed by the client. Support will be provided for cPanel queries at no additional cost. However, additional charges may apply for tasks requiring modifications to page source code or scripts, among others.

Service Issues: Imagine 360 is not responsible if the contracted hosting service does not include web maintenance. The included support is only for the detection of such issues, and it is up to the client to decide to pay the corresponding amount for resolving the issue.

Hosting Maintenance: Hosting maintenance is the responsibility of the client unless web maintenance is contracted with the company. We deliver a website in perfect working order, which the client must verify at the time of delivery. Any needs arising for the client regarding their website after delivery will be budgeted separately and carried out according to the company’s availability, including those with urgent character (server downtime, slow loading, virus in databases, among others) and those with periodic character (website adaptations to new browser or device versions, plugin and software updates, etc.). This concept also includes the update of the web content management system (WordPress or similar), the used plugins, or the resolution of errors made by the client when modifying their website or any other type, contact with the client’s hosting provider in case of issues, or any needs arising after delivery, testing of payments or form submissions, or any concept derived from the operation and maintenance of the website, including advisory.

WordPress: The company delivers easy-to-self-manage websites and online stores. However, the client acknowledges that they must have basic knowledge of WordPress (text management, addition or deletion of pages and menus, etc.) or WooCommerce (text management, prices, coupons, and promotions; addition or deletion of products, etc.). If the client needs screenshots or tutorials of any kind, written or video, the company will budget it separately.

If you wish to report suspicions of abuse or any violation of these terms, please contact us at

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